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Just as there is customized fitting for golf clubs, you can also get a customized fit for your golf glove

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LeviTee Golf Gloves when used, is said to help reduce grip pressure. A looser grip will promote a quicker club head speed and that should result in more distance.


Ready for a new golf glove that will help you improve your overall game?? Thought that would get your attention!! This golf review on a golf glove that will help eliminate those sore forearms after a round of death gripping your clubs!


LeviTee Golf Gloves are Now Recognized by the USGA as a Conforming Golf Glove for Tournament and Handicap Play


LeviTee Golf Gloves Awarded US Patent for their Unique Glove Design which Eliminates the Death Grip and Reduces Grip Pressure by up to 30%


We were really surprised what a difference these gloves made in the way the clubs felt in our hands. After all the analysis and countless hours of practice golf is all about feel.


The six pads of the LeviTee glove serve the purpose of forcing the fingers apart in a gentle fashion. The company seeks to avoid the “death grip,” as it states on its website.


The first thing I noticed about the LeviTee glove was that they were very comfortable. In fact, they are the most comfortable I have ever donned. The tour quality cabretta leather seemed to be thicker than gloves I have used in the past. Most importantly, however, is that they felt warm. They were warm even compared to the Fila and Taylor Made 32 degree winter gloves I have been using.


When I first put the Levitee glove on, it felt rather strange, I must admit – hokey, even. But after palying most of a round with it I noticed that the ache that often grows in the ring and small fingers of my left hand was not bothering me as much as usual. Sometimes, that pain had been so bad that my hand ached for days after a round. The Levitee, to my surprise (and delight), appears to lessen it considerably.


Just got done praticing and wore the glove the whole time!!! I LOVE IT!!!! not only does it reduce my grip pressure but the pad on my index finger forces the club into the correct spot in my right hand! BTW I had a presentation today on the golfing body and had to talk about grip pressure...guess who got a plug in the presentation!!!! LEVITEE GOLF GLOVE!!!!!!!! great product and ingenious design!


Gripping the club too hard produces lots of tension in the golf swing. As instructors have long advised, golfers should hold the club like a little bird—strong enough that it doesn't fly away, but light enough that they don't crush it.


Sam Snead used to say that one should hold a golf club as though they were holding a bird -- tight enough to keep it from escaping, but not too tight that you might injure it. The LeviTee golf glove will help alleviate the death grip that too many novices and other amateurs apply to a club.


The company’s patent-pending golf glove design helps players find the ideal grip pressure. The glove is designed with foam pads between the fingers, which train proper grip pressure.


Do your forearms look like Popeye's after a day of golf? A new glove aims to lighten your grip with special pads stitched between the fingers.


Golfers are very competitive, and most players will not let injury or medical conditions deter them from playing at their best. LeviTee Golf Gloves is one of the Best Golf Gloves for people suffering from arthritis. If you have arthritic hands the padded glove, LeviTee is one to check out.


The new LeviTee golf glove design, which is targeted toward those players who tend to over-grip their clubs, was unveiled today at the 2011 PGA Expo in Las Vegas. The addition of foam pads inserted between the fingers of the gloves promises up to a 30 percent reduction in grip pressure.


I have stressed it many times before but one of the most important aspects of golf is comfort. The game of golf is hard enough when you feel great, so trying to perfect a swing when you're uncomfortable is nearly impossible.